ive been buying old magazines for collages and i found this

Prague ~ By Julia Dávila-Lampe

graphic request //

ireneadler asked you:
Whitney hi! You know what, it’s my 20th birthday on 17th day and and I was wondering if I could request a pretty Irene graphic from you for that day?

Here it is! I hope you enjoy :)) A very happy birthday to you x

then wipe him and start over
Hello attractive person whom I care about! it is indeed a contemplative selfie!

OH YOU *fans self girlishly*

zaclittle replied to your photo:SELFIE TIME!
I always pictured you as a dinosaur.

are you implying that i’m not a dinosaur? you don’t know my heritage man so don’t even


is it dangerous to eat watermelon that seems to have gone off slightly? i’ve gone to all this trouble slicing it up



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