Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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//takes an angry nap because the world is disappointing


Boston Commons, Boston (MA). 
Aug, 2013

if you’re gonna write about heterosexual relationships then don’t


james mcavoy helps you re-appropriate that shelving unit you found in an abandoned factory it’s a hot day and you’re taking a moment to decide whether this is even worth it you don’t even have a truck how is this going to fit in your hatchback? but you’ve moved it this far so you might as well press on the shelving unit becomes a metaphor for your relationship now 

“Before I even met Audrey, I had a crush on her, and after I met her, just a day later, I felt as if we were old friends… Most men who worked with her felt both fatherly or brotherly about her, while harboring romantic feelings about her… She was the love of my life.”

— William Holden